Do Not Leave Your ‘Home Care Website’ on the Bottom of Your To-Do List


For many home care businesses, a website can often take a back seat these days. And we know why. With all the flashy offers and imagery of the ever-evolving social media landscape, you tend to forego the attention-to-detail which could make your website stand out. However, considering how exciting and innovative the social media boom has been for the home care industry, keeping your site usability up-to-date is still something that you should check as frequently as your Instagram or Facebook feed.

Have you ever come across a website that looks good at first, but turns out a nightmare when you use it?

Have you ever come across a website that looks good at first, but turns out a nightmare when you use it?

Know Your Audience Well:

Find out who is visiting your website and how.

  • Are the visitors mostly young job seekers or the family members of seniors looking for home care services?
  • Do they reach your website through search engines or blog posts you shared via social media?
  • Does majority of your website traffic come from a mobile device or a desktop computer?

Knowing all this lets you optimize your home care website for your target audience.

Define a Clear Purpose:

Every page of your website should serve one primary purpose.

For example, the ‘Contact Us’ page of your home care website should provide your contact information so that your home care prospects can easily get in touch with you. Include a simple contact form, your address, and phone numbers. Too much information can overwhelm and confuse the users. Also, make sure the content as well as the imagery on the page supports your main objective.

Keep It Concise:

When scouting for specific information on a website, nobody wants to read a novel to find it. Users quickly scan the web pages to look for the desired information, and if it takes too long, they simple leave and move on to some other website. A thumb rule to create a great copy is to be clear and concise.

Tip: Draft your first copy, cut in half, and convert to bullet points where possible.

If you do not want to cut down the copy because it might lose its essence, simply add visual clues such as images, charts, or graphs to make it look appealing.

Put these tips to good use and improve the usability of your home care website.

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