Grow your home care business with smart SEO

The home care industry NEEDS search engine optimization

SEO for your home care business includes number of actions that have one ultimate goal – generating more calls of new clients. SEO for home care businesses is meant to help search engines, such as Google, decide that your business website should be listed before other service providers when they search for keywords that are relevant to your business and services.

SEO Challenges for Home Care businesses

  • Inadequate Local SEO content for effective local SEO.
  • Limited attention to local directory Listings, mobile visitors and social media.
  • Lack of Online Marketing experience. Local talent and skills are too expensive.
  • (NAP) Search Engine Geo Pin Mapping is inconsistent or incorrect.
  • Limited or no budget, or no time to build an online presence.
  • Lack of local awareness and patient reviews that would lead to increased business.
  • Lack of local content focus and objectives resulting in poor website performance. (Website Ranking, Pin Map Placement, Site Traffic, Patient Conversions)

Key Elements of an Effective  Home Care Online Marketing Strategy

Getting Started with the ‘SEO Process’ as a Home Care Business

Do you want to make your online marketing strategy work for your home care business? A solid SEO strategy is what you need to have in place. SEO is the key tool to get more traffic to your website, boost your rankings on search engines, and get more business.

Home Care SEO Objectives

Boost your online visibility as a home care business! Get started with the right SEO Objectives

With over 85% of all Internet users finding home care websites through search engines, how you rank on Google has become more crucial than ever before. Take your first step towards an improved online visibility by setting the right SEO objectives.


  • Pin map placement
  • Page on listing (the ultimate goal)
  • NOTE: Local site content is required to achieve this list