Solid Infrastructure

World class facilities and a world class workforce

Inside the Development Center

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The Infrastructure

Our infrastructure is world class consisting of a 1,60,000 sq ft wholly owned, custom-built facility geared to take on the most demanding of projects. With state-of-the-art communication facilities and infrastructure, our development centers work as a virtual extension of your development environment providing 24x7 service and development; cutting development times significantly.

No International Calling Charges
We don't ask our clients to be burdened with the added cost of international calls when they need to speak to our Indian team. Rather, we establish local and/or toll-free numbers that they can call that will ring the appropriate offices in India.
Quality of Service (QOS)
In addition to the local numbers, we have invested in guaranteed quality of service for telecommunications between the U.S. and India. You won't have the frustration of line terminations and bad connections that often comes with communicating across the globe. Rather, it will sound like you're speaking to your neighbor across the street.
Home Care Marketing Client Portal

For our larger clients that are working with us on multiple projects at the same time, the Netsmartz Client Portal provides them with the ability to track all of their projects at one place. The Client Portal reports project status, tracks issues and alerts our clients for upcoming deliverables and milestones. We provides all of this at no charge to the client. We have invested to make it easy for our clients to work with us. After all, if the relationship isn't easy, we don't deserve.