3 Little Home Care Marketing Strategies – Almost Sneaky, But Effective


If you have been marketing your home care services for any length of time, you probably know at least some of the challenges home care agencies encounter – from the struggle to get more referral sources, networking exhaustion, yellow pages (to-do or not-to-do) to your website, social media handles, senior fairs, events, and staffing. Then there is the following up with leads, referrals, referral sources, and so on. It can be exhausting!

Here is a round-up of some clever marketing tactics that every home care business owner should know. They are like secret sauce strategies – highly valuable – and seasoned marketing pros seldom disclose them. Each of these little ideas adds a unique flair to your social voice in a way that generates more leads.

1. Tweet with VIPs at Events/Conferences

Trade shows, fairs, and other similar gatherings for seniors know how social media promotions can benefit them. Many have a specific hashtag for their event, breakout session, or topic of interest.

Example: Stay informed about #HCM, #hcms, or #HCMsuccess

You may also find the username of the special attendees or keynote speakers at the event.

Example: @username or @StephanieJoasil

Do not be shy – use social media to contact the VIPs directly. It is a great mutual opportunity to ask/answer questions or exchange ideas/informationat the conference. Many VIPs are open to the idea. Often, they attend events to network with people so they happily welcome the contact. Try it.

2. Do Not Let Too Many Creative Ideas Destroy Your Business Success

Too much of a good thing can be bad. We are talking about “creative overcrowding” that may kill your business faster than anything else. Many success-oriented, intelligent agency owners are often seen working on multiple ideasall at once. Unfortunately, too many ideas- no matter how brilliant – lead to anirrational use of resources, time, and workforce.

Tip: Do not let multiple promising ideas be the reason for your failure. Write down all your ideas and set priorities. Figure out which of them can best support your goals and cultivate growth. It is better to focus on one idea rather than tripping over too many.

3. Get Involved in Community Groups

Local groups like the Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club are great places for making connections with the community leaders as well as your target audience. Club meets take place on a regular basis and allow opportunities for the members to meetreferral sources and potential contacts. Depending on the group/club, you can also offer to hold a Q&A or even teach a class on any home care topic which can spark interest in the audience.

Marketing does not have to be costly or complicated. Utilizing free online platforms and participating in community groups are a great way to advertise your services. It does not matter whether you are a small home care agency operating on a limited budget or a big business with unlimited resources, the home care marketing strategies listed above are sure to help boost your presence within your community.

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