3 Things Home Care Agencies Get Wrong with Facebook Ads


With over 1.32 billion Daily Active Users, Facebook is currently the most widely used social media platform in the world. Whatever your home care business goals – improved ROI, brand exposure, lead generation, website traffic – Facebook should make up a sizable part of your marketing strategy.

However, it’s not the easiest platform to stay on top of, due to constant updates, frequently changing ad setup interfaces, and regular algorithm adjustments. In addition, there are certain subtleties in the setup, which may cost you in the ad spend, traffic generation, and potential ROI depending on your marketing strategy and goals.

We have put together some common mistakes that home care businesses should avoid when creating Facebook ads.

  • Taking the Shotgun or Rifle Approach to Marketing

Shotgunning is a side-effect of wanting your home care ads to be quickly seen by as many people possible. As Facebook is the center of attention for such a diverse audience, it is important to select the right groups, locations, and demographics, which make up the core of your target audience. Facebook algorithms are tied to content relevancy – so, if your ads are not relevant, you would be simply burning your marketing budget with your own hands.

  • Investing in Click-Bait Ads

Everyone hates click-bait ads. In fact, if you use blatant click-bait headlines in your ad content on Facebook, it may limit your reach as a penalty. Simply put, a click-bait ad promises something great that it does not deliver. It is specifically designed just to prompt users to click on it. Ads that manage to make enough people click on them become widely distributed since the algorithm powering Facebook is programmed to view likes, clicks, comments, and shares as indicators of valuable content.

Using a click-bait ad once or twice to get a little boost may be forgiven by your audience, however if you do that all the time, they will eventually begin to ignore everything you deliver. This will even carry over to your other ads which may not have click-bait titles. Your audience will simply assume that they won’t get what they see in the headlines.

  • Choosing Bad Imagery

Imagery is the most vital aspect of a Facebook ad. Like content, if your imagery fails to attract your potential customers right off the bat, you could be in trouble. There is a thumb rule when it comes to imagery: if your advertisement image does not catch your audience’s attention in the first three seconds, they have already forgotten it. So, be very careful when selecting images for your Facebook ad. Look for visually compelling, meaningful and relevant images which your audience can instantly connect with.

Sometimes, even the simplest marketing mistakes can trigger an adverse event or unexpectedly eat up a huge portion of your budget in minutes. Keep in mind the tips listed above to avoid being guilty of the possible mishaps. Good Luck!

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