How to Capture Positive Client Feedback


Listening to the voice of your clients goes a long way in helping your home care business evolve. Without intelligent feedback, you may wonder just how satisfied they are with your services. Most home care agencies look for negative feedback to identify their weaknesses to highlight which urgent matters need to be resolved. However, when leveraged in the right way, positive feedback too can serve an equally important purpose.

Below are Techniques to Capture Positive Client Feedback to help you raise the bar in service for your agency.

Create an Effective Feedback Survey

Create a simple survey to receive customer feedback reviews about your services. Offer the opportunity for open-ended responses so that they do not feel forced to use the rating scales, which do not always fit the feedback they want to share.

Tip: Ask the most important questions to you at the beginning of the survey since many clients do not always complete the entire questionnaire or answer more completely and thoughtfully in the beginning.

Know What to Ask

Put yourself in the shoes of a client while writing the questions. Target their major ‘pain points’ in receiving home care from you. If you are not sure where to begin, there are numerous online resources that allow you to not only find some good starter questions, but also give you the freedom to customize them for your business.

Focus on the Visibility of Your Survey

Place the feedback survey where your clients are most likely to find it instead of relegating it to the dark corner of your website’s Contact Us page. Provide links to the survey on all marketing materials, including:

  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Information Folders or Pamphlets

Provide Multiple Feedback Channels

Not all people prefer to fill out a feedback survey. Make sure that you provide them with a channel that is convenient for them whether it be a face-to-face, an email or a phone call.

Think Outside of the Box:

In case these efforts do not yield the desired results, hold a focus group or survey your clients via telephone. Although such proactive measures are quite expensive, they do help you get input from those clients that you may otherwise never hear from.

When you are aware of what your clients are thinking, you’re able to effectively address issues and deliver what potential clients in your area are looking for in a home care agency.

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