The Potential Impact of the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook Data Breach Fiasco on Home Healthcare Marketing


The Chief Executive of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, touts the world’s biggest social media network as a platform to bring people closer. However, the Cambridge Analyticafiasco stirred by the news of Facebook data breach has fueled fears that social media is tearing Americans apart.

The news that over 50 million Facebook user profiles were leaked to some controversial political data analytics provider is apparently a warning to marketers concerning the significance of transparency with consumers about how their personal information is used. There should also be more stringent practices for data access as well as usage.

Cambridge Analytica, Facebook, and Home Healthcare Marketing

For the many people paying heed to this whole fiasco, this is probably the first time they are exposed to such intimate details about how organizations may use data in order to attain their marketing goals. This event is not only an eye-opener for marketers but also the consumers as it has definitely awakened and sensitized them to the intrusiveness and power of digital marketing.

Although experience says that the U.S. public has a short memory and is generally not tuned-in, this news has raised awareness among many about data harvesting, targeted digital marketing, and many such terms.

So, will healthcare consumers now become more sensitive to the invasive digital practices, like cross-device targeting or domain re-targeting? Indeed, this a fair question every marketer should be asking. Re-targeting can feel creepy and stalkerish if done by retail companies. In the healthcare industry, this creepy feeling increases tenfold. Therefore, healthcare organizations should tread lightly and very carefully when it comes to re-targeting. There are some heath care organizations and hospitals that already cap their re-targeting campaign or strategy by setting clear limits on the number of impressions per day or the duration of their efforts.

Recognizing the challenges in this specific arena, Google has placed some restrictions on re-marketing related to medical and health messaging. There are many such marketing strategies that healthcare agencies need to be careful about while using.


Healthcare business owners will now be dealing with more informed, or perhaps more suspicious,consumers. Taking that into consideration, it may be a good idea to refrain from using some of the current digital marketing strategies. Doing things that may creep out your potential consumers is a sure-fire way to lose their interest in your services before you can even talk with them. In the healthcare industry, you sometimes need to hold yourself to higher standards.

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