Top Ways to Thank Your Home Care Clients, Caregivers and Referral Partners


Creating a constant influx of clients, caregivers, and referral partners is the goal of every home care agency. Amid all of the complex and expensive marketing strategies, there is one that costs nothing up front and you determine the price, prize or discounted service in the end. It’s to say a simple ‘Thank You’ to all those who are a part of your business in some way.

“We’re living in what I like to call the ‘Thank You Economy,’ because only the companies that can figure out how to mind their manners in a very old-fashioned way — and do it authentically — are going to have a prayer of competing,”
– An excerpt from the social media maven Gary Vaynerchuk’s book

“The Thank You Economy”

If you understand that a simple “Thank You” can take your home care business further, but are at a loss how, here are some great tips to get you going.

Engaging and Personalized Email Campaigns for Clients & Referral Sources:

While ‘Thank You’ has a flattering ring to it, words do not carry the impact of actions. Try to make ‘Thank You’ messages memorable for your clients. Choose mediums like eNewsletters and eBlasts to show everyone that you do appreciate them. Create campaigns which welcome new clientele, recognize when they started the service, offer gift cards or discounted services for referrals and holidays.

Compelling Referral Programs for Caregivers:

An employee referral program is a great way to thank your caregivers. Research shows that current employees are the most effective recruitment source for home care agencies searching for trusted caregivers. An employee referral program also allows agencies to show their employees how vital their input is to their business.

Thank You Cards and Gifts for Clients, Referrals, and Home Care Partners:

Do not mistake ‘Thank You’ cards for an old-school gesture. When it comes to expressing gratitude, they still have the most personable and honest vibe to them, especially when accompanied by a brief, hand written message. Professionally designed, branded ‘Thank You’ cards go a long in conveying a sincere thanks to the clients, referrals and partners. These cards do a double duty in keeping your brand at the forefront of their minds while they read your words of appreciation.

You can also send a small gift to current clients that have referred new clients to you in appreciation. Promotional items make a great way to further stress your brand. Mix in a company gift certificate and you have a very lovely gift at little cost to you.

With these simple “Thank You” ideas, you’ll soon be on the road to strengthening your bond with clients, caregivers and referral partners alike.

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